Leonardo de Lorenzo

  • Born on the 29th of august 1875 at Viggiano near Potenza, Italy
  • First contact with the flute at the age of 8.
  • Wandering flutist until emigration to America at the age of 16.
  • 1896 return to to Italy for military service.
  • Member of a military band ander Giovanni Moranzoni
  • Start of the composition Nove Grandi Studi
  • After military service tour of Europe and Africa
  • At 25 first job in an orchestra in Cape Town.
  • 1903 change to the boehm flute
  • 1907 return to Naples, studies and diploma
  • 1909 going to America again
  • 1910 first flutist of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra ander Gustav Mahler
  • In addition flutist in orchestras in Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Rochester
  • 1923-1935 professor for flute at the Eastern School of Music
  • 1935 reatreat as an active flutist and concentration on composition and writing of theoretical publications.
  • 1947 completion of the book My Complete Story of the Flute, published in 1951
  • Wrote many methods and studies, e. g. L'Arte Moderna del Preludio.
  • His about 300 compositions are technically difficult.
  • Died on the 29th of july 1962 in Santa Barbara



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